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COBOTEX is a Manufacturer Agent: Supplier of lighting fixtures and components. Cobotex, the power of light control after sunset...where light becomes a magical attitude!  A Lighting customer service leader.  Export house for all of your lighting needs. Exporter of unlimited range of lighting fixtures and components! Cobotex Lighting. cobotex lighting soptlight light lights fixture fixtures luminaires ballast extruded prismatic tube-guards louvers baffle lamps lamp fluorescent baffles acrylic polycarbonate lux flux lite luminaire louver louvre polysleeves polysleeve luminescent lumen lamination illumination luminance lumens glare luminous intensity luminescence dimming dimmer incandescent track lightings high-bay low-bay highbay lowbay electronic ballasts eclairage extrusion extrusions eggcrate crate cobotex power tubeguard tube tubeguards downlight downlights LED louvers axis candle candela ambient recessed surface mount compact T5 T5HO T8 T12 MR16 MR11 PAR  PAR38 PAR30 PAR20 Antares Axis Eureka Stanpro Paco Advance  transformers kontrak regressed retail pendant COBOTEX

Light by desire !